Eton Travel and AMAWaterways are thrilled to announce an industry first. A seven river journey through Europe!

There has never been a journey such as this.  Furthermore, this amazing 46-night trip takes in fourteen fascinating countries. Above all it includes brand-new excursions. Also, AMAWaterways exclusive experiences.

If you enjoy World Cruising on an Ocean ship, then this is the perfect alternative!

A Seven River Journey Through Europe!

Pool on AmaLyra

Who are AMAWaterways?

AMAWaterways are a family-owned company. They have been operating river cruises for over eighteen years.  Above all, making wonderful memories. For this reason, they have received several awards. Not to mention the positive feedback from their guests. All guests are treated as part of the family. The AMAWaterways family. Click here for further information.

Just One of the Many Awards

The Longest River Journey So Far!

AMAWaterways are still finalising details. However, this is what we know to date:

  •  You will  visit 14 countries and sail on 7 rivers
    • Countries: You will visit France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria
    • Rivers: You will sail on the Seine, the Rhone, the Saone, the Rhine, the Moselle, the Main and the Danube
  • You will sail on 4 ships and there are 3 land transfers which does mean you have to pack and unpack three times.
    • Ships: You will sail on the AmaLyra, the AmaKristina, the AmaPrima and the AmaVerde.
    • Land Transfers: Travel from Paris to Lyon by train; Avignon/Lyon to Mulhouse Basel  by train; Eltmann or Nuremberg  to Vilshofen by bus. This is a 4.5 hour journey and a tour is included.
  • A Seven River Journey Through Europe will take 46 nights
    • You will embark in Paris, France. You will disembark in Giurgiu, Romania
A Seven River Journey Through Europe!

The Danube at Wachau

Save the Date

This journey of a lifetime starts on the 01 June 2023!

More details to follow soon. However, this will sell out fast. Be quick. Contact the team at Eton Travel to register your interest.

Finally, this short video may just whet your appetite!