Is Israel a possible Covid green light? It has the highest vaccination rate in the world. Furthermore, they have just recorded zero daily deaths for the first time in 10 months. The government will be advising later in May.

Bucket List

For many people, Israel is a bucket list destination. Not only because of the renowned religious sights, but also because of its fascinating history. Israel has so much to see and do. It’s diversity makes it perfect for either a city break, a family beach holiday, or a touring holiday. Israel is the perfect multi-centre. In fact it is best discovered by visiting more than one part of the country. The best way to explore is by a guided tour or a programme of excursions.

Israel A Covid Green Light

Historic Israel

Israel A Possible Covid Green Light?

Are you too thinking that Israel is a possible Covid green light? If so, and you would like to go, then booking now will ensure that you get the best prices. Moreover, because of the vaccination record, it will be extremely popular should government officials allow.

Our Specialist Tour Operators

We work closely with our travel partner, Cyplon Holidays, who have one of the best range of product for Israel. They feature resorts and cities as well as touring. One of our other close travel partners, Wendy Wu offers a fully comprehensive tour of Ancient Israel. Both tour operators are members of AITO. Furthermore, with the help of the team at Eton Travel, you can be rest assured that you can book with peace of mind and operators that are experts in this fascinating country.

Six of the Best

These are just a few of the highlights you can visit or do on your Israel holiday. Whichever option, or destinations you choose, Eton Travel can put together the perfect itinerary together for you.

Tel Aviv

Bustling and vibrant Tel Aviv features everything that is great about modern Israel. Above all, it is stunningly beautiful. Namely due Scottish architect who designed it to be a garden city. Therefore, there are loads of parks and green spaces. Renowned for the white-washed Bauhaus houses of the 1930s. In addition, Old Jaffa is the city’s ancient district and is a reminder of Tel Aviv’s long and fascinating past.

Tel Aviv

There is a myriad of amazing beaches and great bars. In addition to the historic art museums. Therefore, making Tel Aviv possibly the best advert for Israeli culture in the world. It is a must visit for anyone who is coming to Israel.


A fascinating city. A city that should be seeing by everyone at least once. A place of pilgrimage for Muslims, Christians and Jews. It is location where both Muhammed and Jesus were believed to have ascended to heaven. Not to mention the numerous other places of interest from the Bible, the Quran and the Torah. Each unique neighbourhood has their own special character. The bells of the Christian Quarter.. The incense of the Muslim Quarter. The bright coloured pottery of the Armenian Quarter. Last but not least,the beauty of the Jewish Quarter. The past truly meets the present. For example,  Jerusalem’s Old City, with its colourful bazaars, narrow cobbled streets lined with traditional cafes. The New City is awash with high street fashion and jewellery outlets, cosmopolitan restaurants and modern cafes.

Israel A Covid Green light?


Outside of the Old City it is a modern capital. There is something here for all tastes.


An enchanting holy city that is important to both Jews and Christians. It is the burial site of some of Judaism’s most important scholars and sages. As well as being the gateway to the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus performed many of his miracles. In addition, there is a more modern tourist culture. Visitors can relax on the beach. Visitors can bathe in bubbling hot springs. Finally, visitors can enjoy a bustling nightlife to make for a fascinating destination. For those that enjoy the outdoors, Mount Arbel, Israel’s tallest peak, has spectacular views.

Israel A Covid Green Light?

The Sea of Galilee

A very popular form of accommodation for tourists in Galilee are Kibbutz. Here the focus is on communal living and nature preservation. Tiberias offers a good selection luxury hotels. Perfect for combining a beach holiday with culture.


I have visited the resort of Eilat many years ago. In those days, it was just being built! Eilat is one of the original Red Sea resorts. A warm all year round climate. Stunning beaches. A warm all year round climate. Eilat is situated on the Red Sea. The ideal place to relax amidst stunning scenery. Coral reefs make it ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling.



It is also a modern tourist resort making for a perfect beach holiday. Eilat also offers VAT free shopping!

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s first health resorts dating back to biblical times. The water is said to have great healing benefits due to its hyper-saline content. Also,the air is highly oxygenated. Hotel spas in the area make full use of these elements. The Dead Sea is much more than just a relaxing spa holiday. The surrounding are is full of historical interest. Home to the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. A great base from which to discover the freshwater springs of the Judean desert and the Waterfalls of of Ein Gedi.

The landscape is a mix of arid desert and oases of green. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on the entire planet. Thus giving it unique climatic conditions. As a result, visitors can spend more time under the sun, than anywhere else in the world.

Escorted Tours

A guided tour of Israel is one of the best way to explore this amazing country. An escorted tour enables you to gain a greater appreciation and a better understanding of the significance of Israel’s magnificent sites. It enables you to truly get the most out of your time here. All different faiths are featured.

Israel a Covid Green Light?

An Escorted Tour

Below are a some holiday ideas from Cyplon and Wendy Wu. For Further details contact the team at Eton Travel

Israel A Covid Green Light?

Israel, a possible Covid Green Light? We hope so.

Thank you to Stephanie from Cyplon Holidays and Joe from Wendy Wu for their help with photos and content.