Just Returned from Madeira

The wife of one of our colleagues has just returned from Madeira. Ana had an amazing holiday visiting family.

Ana flew with EasyJet. It was a busy flight.  Of course, people on board were wearing masks, however, some needed reminding.

Covid Test

Ana had a Covid test on arrival. However, it took just 40 minutes from getting off the plane to meeting the taxi outside. Not long at all. The test was quick. Also, it was free.

Results should have taken between 6-12 hours. However, one test took 12 hours. Her friends test took 16 hours.

Download App

EasyJet require you to download the app and add all your details as well as filling out the form specifically for Madeira arrivals.

There were no magazines on board. This is the new normal. The airline had advised the crew to use specific cleaning products. Passengers could not use  their own wipes.

Ana said:

“For anyone who has been scared or worried to travel,  I can say I was very impressed with the whole process. Gatwick Airport felt very safe. From check-in through to boarding, the processes were seamless. The plane was clean. I felt safe. Arrival in Madeira, again, the processes were seamless.  On arrival, Covid-19 staff helped with procedures. They made sure you had registered. If not, they would assist. You had your Covid test done then received your results later.

Before we travelled I was a bit nervous. However, on arrival at the airport I was a lot more relaxed as it was all very well arranged and clean. The rules were made clear and always someone to assist at every step!

So for anyone who needs a break, I would say don’t be scared to travel. Just do your research. Take what you need with you such as masks and hand gel and follow local rules! Having just returned from Madeira I would happily travel again.”

Further Information

Further information with regards to travelling to Madeira during Covid-19 can be found on the Visit Madeira website.  Additionally, give our Eton Travel team a call.

Finally, given the news that Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Covid-19, the statue was taking no chances.

Just returned from Madeira

Even Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue wore a mask


Thank you Ana Petito Falconer for allowing us to share her experience.