Eton Travel are very excited to advise that we won a marketing competition with our travel partner Wendy Wu Tours.


Elaine Kane, from our Eton office, entered on behalf of Eton Travel. Elaine does the digital marketing for the leisure department. Therefore, she was thrilled to learn that her plan was one of the winning entries. She said:

‘ I enjoy creating marketing plans and promoting Eton Travel, in addition, our travel partners. Furthermore, entering seemed like a good opportunity, especially now that travel is picking up again after the pandemic.’


Wendy Wu Brochures

Prize Fund

For the competition, Elaine created a marketing plan that covered all advertising channels. Consequently, the prize fund of £1000 was spent on:

  •  Posters for the window in the Eton Office
  •  A window display in the Wokingham Office
  • Advertising campaigns in three local news publications
  • A video campaign on Tik Tok and You Tube
  • A Facebook and Instagram Campaign

Eton Office Window with Wendy Wu Posters

A Tough Competition

In total, there were five travel agencies across the country that won. Business Development Manager, Joe Lavers said:

‘It was certainly a very tough competition. However, Elaine’s plan was chosen as it offered a cross-channel campaign. I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together’

Why Wendy Wu?

Wendy Wu has been offering tours for over 20 years. Firstly, their  range of tours capture the heart of the destination. Therefore, you are not just admiring the top sights but truly discovering them. Most importantly, their award-winning national escorts have excellent knowledge. They are the main reason each each tour is unique.

Excellent Customer Service

We work with Wendy Wu as we are like minded when it comes to customer service. For both companies, your journey begins from that very first call or enquiry.

In Safe Hands

Wendy Wu Tours offer travel worldwide. For example, there are tours to China, Europe, South America, New Zealand plus more.

Finally, Eton Travel also know that from the whichever destination you choose, with Wendy Wu Tours,  you’ll be in safe hands.

Tours by Wendy Wu

Go to Scotland with Wendy Wu