MS Roald Amundsen - The World's First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship

MS Roald Amundsen, the world’s first hybrid expedition cruise ship. Part of the Hurtigruten fleet. Setting sail around the UK in September.  Furthermore, it will the first expedition cruise ship to depart from a UK port, since the Coronavirus lockdown in March.

Guests will visit remote parts of the British coastline. Subsequently experiencing nature and culture. Moreover, making full use of expedition landing boats. Guests will get first hand experience of sailing on a hybrid expedition cruise ship.

The beautiful Isle of Lewis

Four Sailings on board MS Roald Amundsen

Firstly, MS Roald Amundsen has four UK  sailings departing from:

  • Portsmouth (2nd September)
  •  Liverpool (7th September)
  • Glasgow (12th September)
  • Liverpool (17th September)

Secondly, destinations include:

  • Isles of Scilly
  • Fowey
  • Rathlin Island
  • Fort William
  • Oban
  • Fishguard
  • Waterford
  • St Kilda


Unique Itineraries 

Firstly, guests will explore UK shores. Including, for instance, areas of natural beauty. For example, St Kilda, a protected haven for wildlife. Therefore, home to almost one million seabirds. Above all, home to the UK’s largest number of Atlantic puffins.

In contrast, the Isles of Scilly allows guests to unwind, subsequently enjoying an easy pace of life.

Onboard MS Roald Amundsen The World’s First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship

Above all, there is an impressive Science Centre. The centre has state-of-the-art technology in addition to high-tech gadgets. Most importantly, this is where Hurtigruten’s Expedition Team offer lectures and workshops.

MS Roald Amundsen - The World's First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship

The Science Centre

Furthermore, there is a two-level indoor/outdoor Observation Deck. Subsequently, from here guests can watch wildlife. Likewise, admiring the scenic landscape.

There are three restaurants located on the MS Roald Amundsen:
  • Aune is the ship’s main restaurant
  • Fredheim offers informal street food accompanied by amazing milkshakes
  • Lindstrøm is a specialty ‘a la carte’ restaurant.
After a day of exploring, guests can:
  • Unwind and rejuvenate in the Explorer Lounge
  • Exercise in the large gym
  • Enjoy a treatment at the wellness centre
  • Take a dip in the infinity pool or hot tubs
MS Roald Amundsen - The World's First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship

The Pool

Natural Scandinavian materials, for example, granite, oak, birch and wool,  have been used to create stylish cabins. Certainly, the cabins are extremely comfortable. Most importantly, they are all outside facing. In addition, 50% have private balconies. Furthermore, some of the suites feature a private outdoor hot tub. Likewise, the same materials have been used fro the public reas.

Safety first – Protective Measures

Health and safety has always been the number one priority for Hurtigruten. Following guidelines recommended by the Norwegian Government. In addition, they also follow guidelines of the local Governments of destinations visited. More protocols, however, have been introduced. Therefore, ensuring safe, sustainable, and enjoyable expedition cruising.

There will be reduced maximum capacity of 350 guests (approximately 65% of total berths).

Hurtigruten will always comply with current Covid regulations. Therefore, itineraries and excursions may be subject to change based on local Government advice.

MS Roald Amundsen - The World's First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship

The Sauna with a View

World’s First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship and Sustainability Champions

MS Roald Amundsen features groundbreaking green technology. In other words, the ship uses battery packs to support her low-emission engines. As a result, CO2 emissions will be reduced by more than 20% compared to other cruise ships of the same size.

This just the latest in several Hurtigruten green initiatives. They celebrated their 125th anniversary by banning all single used plastics.

Hurtigruten are also completely rebuilding existing ships to run on a combination of:

  • Large battery packs
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Biogas (LBG) – produced from organic waste such as dead fish.

MS Roald Amundsen British Isles Itineraries

Voyage 1 – “Enchanting islands and coastal towns”

02 Sept 2020 – Portsmouth

03 Sept 2020 – Falmouth

04 Sept 2020 – Isles of Scilly

05 Sept 2020 – Waterford

06 Sept 2020 – Ramsey Island

06 Sept 2020 – Fishguard

07 Sept 2020 – Liverpool

MS Roald Amundsen - The World's First Hybrid Expedition Cruise Ship

One of 3 Restaurants

Voyage 2 – “Isle of Man, Isle of Skye and magnificent Scottish Highlands”

07 Sept 2020 – Liverpool

08 Sept 2020 – Douglas

09 Sept 2020 – Loch Sunart

10 Sept 2020 – Portree

11 Sept 2020 – Fort William

12 Sept 2020 – Greenock

Voyage 3 – “Natural Habitats, Wild Nature and Fascinating History”

12 Sept 2020 – Greenock

13 Sept 2020 – Oban

14 Sept 2020 – Stornoway

15 Sept 2020 – St Kilda

16 Sept 2020 – Raithlin Island

17 Sept 2020 – Liverpool


Voyage 4 – “Magnificent gardens, unspoilt islands and rich history”

17 Sept 2020 Liverpool

18 Sept 2020 Pembroke Dock

19 Sept 2020 Cork (Cobh)

20 Sept 2020 Isles of Scillly

21 Sept 2020 Fowey

22 Sept 2020 Portsmouth (Disembarking)

Above all, prices start from only £999 per person.

Meanwhile, the team at Eton Travel are ready to help you.

Comfortable Cabins

Hurtigruten – World Leader in Exploration Travel

Hurtigruten ships sail to the world’s most spectacular destinations. From the High North, for instance, to Antarctica in the south.

However, being the world leader subsequently comes with great responsibility. Hurtigruten is enhancing destinations. Above all they operate a responsible and sustainable global operation.

Finally, if you are not sure if expedition cruising is for you, taking one of these short cruise around the UK onboard MS Roald Amundsen, the world’s first hybrid expedition cruise ship, is a great way to test the water.

In conclusion, be rest assured that you will be travelling with one of the best in their field. Furthermore, you can travel in the knowledge that you will be safe – likewise that the planet will be too!



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