South America

Each country in South America has its own unique charms and attractions.  Whether  exploring the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu, exploring the Brazilian rainforest,  discovering the wine regions of Argentina or travelling to the very end of the continent to set off for Antarctica, the mighty Amazon, South America has something to whet the appetite of every traveller.

A Selection of South America Holidays

Patagonian Highlights-Argentina, South America Rugged, snow-capped mountains stand imposingly amid the wild south of Argentina and Chile, fringed by huge icy lakes and windswept grasslands. In the distance shy guanacos roam and a few hardy gauc...
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Essential Peru-Peru, South America A spectacular journey through Peru's varied landscape encompassing coastal desert, snow-capped Andean peaks, the high altiplano and lush cloud forest. The most famous sites are all visited includin...
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Peru, Chile & Argentina Explorer-Peru, Argentina SUMMARY Travel through South America by way of jungle, waterfalls and ancient ruins. This three week trip takes you to the Peruvian Amazon, to the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and into the footst...
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Patagonia Wilderness-Argentina, Argentina SUMMARY Travel from the heaving streets of Buenos Aires to the remote wilderness of Argentina and Chile on this 15-day trekking tour. Hike to the clear waters of Laguna de Los Tres and see a glacial l...
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Peruvian Pathways-Peru, Peru SUMMARY Travel to Peru and discover its fascinating history, from the depths of the Amazon to the heights of the Andes and on to the unique islands of Lake Titicaca. Experience diverse ecology, geolog...
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Peru Real Food Adventure-Peru, Peru SUMMARY Peruvian food and topography go hand in hand. Using what pachamama (mother earth) gave them, the Peruvians have developed a cuisine that combines local and international flavours. And undoubte...
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Essence of Central America-Cuba, Costa Rica SUMMARY Discover the culture and landscapes of this fascinating region on a trip that takes you from Mexico City to Havana to San Jose – with a spattering of enticing stops along the way. In Mexico,...
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Peru Family Experience-Peru, Lima Every traveller should visit Peru at some point. Introduce your kids to it early through this comprehensive trip that bundles the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and more into nine life-changing days. Yo...
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Peru: Bike, climb & hike-Peru, Peru SUMMARY Travel to Peru and retrace the steps of the ancient Inca – quite literally as you trek through the fertile heartland of the Peruvian Amazon on foot. Skirt along zip lines, haul yourself up c...
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